1996 ALCAN WINTER RALLY: Feb 23-Mar 2

Seattle, Whitehorse, Dawson City, Prudhoe Bay, Anchorage

"The world's longest, coldest winter rally" (1990: -58 F, 6,275 miles)

HISTORY: 1996 will be the fifth Alcan Winter Rally, and twelfth Alcan.The first Alcan Rally was held in 1984, and the first Alcan Winter Rally in 1988. Every Alcan since 1985 has also crossed the Arctic Circle: this 1996 Alcan will be the first rally ever to cross the Arctic Circle on the Dalton Highway and visit Prudhoe Bay.

CONCEPT: A modern event based on the original concept of rallying as a grand tour, motoring adventure, and gentleman's sport: such historic events include the Monte Carlo (1911), Mille Miglia (1911), and RAC (1932). A competitive event that requires experience, good judgement, consistency, reliability and rescourcefulness. Over 90% of the route is composed of touring sections with a reasonable elapsed time for each. Scoring takes place in 10 to 20 mile regularity sections, and in short closed slalom courses on snow or ice where the fastest time wins.

ENTRANTS: Mostly private, some professionals. Factory teams have included Audi, Chrysler, Isuzu, Mazda, and Subaru. Many have competed in related events such as the Australian Safari, Baja 1000, La Carrera Panamericana, One Lap of America, Mille Miglia, Monte Carlo, and Paris-Dakar.

ENTRY FEE: $2250 for a team, including all accomodations for two people. A third driver is $450.


1984 Tim Paterson/Douglas Paterson                      Mazda RX7
1985 John Buffum/Tom Grimshaw/Paul Choiniere            Audi 5000 CS Quattro
1986 Gene Henderson/Mike VanLoo                         Subaru RX 4x4
1987 Ken Maytag/Glen Bjorkman/Steve Richards            Audi 5000 CS Quattro
1988 Ken Maytag/Glen Bjorkman/Steve Richards            Audi 5000 CS Quattro
1989 Tim Paterson/Penny Thomas                          Porsche 911
1990 Gene Henderson/Ralph Beckman                       Subaru Legacy Wagon
1991 Ken Knight/Bob Dart                                Subaru SVX
1992 Ken Knight/Greg Lester                             Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon
1993 Russ Kraushaar/Satch Carlson                       BMW 2002ti
1994 Paul Dallenbach/Johnny Unser/Tom Grimshaw          Isuzu Rodeo
ORGANIZERS: Rainier Auto Sports Club Inc, a non-profit group of auto enthusiasts. Chairman Jerry Hines has rallied since 1965 (in six countries), and been a key organizer for over 30 national and international rallies.

Jerry Hines, Chairman           |       jhines@eskimo.com
Alcan 5000 Rally                |       www.alcan5000.com
15 Central Way #300             |       (206)823-6343 
Kirkland, Washington 98033      |       (206)823-6307 Fax
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The Alcan Winter Rally "Virtual Tour". A day-by-day event description, with links to Web sites in and about the North! (1-2-96).

1996 Alcan Route Map. 130k interlaced gif, map coutesy of the Everett Herald.

Daily event reports. Complete 1996 results and stories, by Mary Lowry & Sally Birks ("team Prudhoe Baywatch"). Courtesy of the Everett Herald.

1996 Alcan rules & regulations. (Final draft, 12-27-95).

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