Alcan 5000 Rally

To absent friends

Each new Alcan helps us remember absent friends who won't pass
our way again, but continue to inspire and define our event

Some participated once, most returned year after year.  Some died
of natural causes, others as a result of restless forces that made
them such memorable companions in our journeys

The 2018 Alcan was dedicated to Gary Webb, Sue Elder,
Wayne Moddison, Gordon Cady and
Steve Norman

Happy trails, and we'll remember you in the quiet Northland

'Fast Eddie' Botwick
Gordon Cady

Mary Cady
Brian Davitt
Gary Diebolt
Sue Elder

Harry Ferran
Joe Gardner
Rich Gordon
Jeff Gowdy
Tom Grimshaw
Paul Hadley
Gene Henderson

 Art Issler
Ned Marandino
Jackie Marsh
Wayne Moddison
Steve Norman

Marge Petersen
Walter Petersen
Al Schmit
Paul Shaver
Steve Skogmo
Gary Webb

Ron Weir
Willie Williams

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