2004 Alcan Winter Rally info
(Updated 2-11-2004)

Here's some useful paperwork...

Odo check and directions to 2/17 driver's meeting (pdf), with notes on local resources.
Registration and Tech Inspection checksheet (just for reference...)
2004 bulletins and announcements archive (includes the above 2 pages), did you miss any?
Entry form and fee schedule  This comes first!  (here's a pdf version).
Alcan Winter Rally Liability release for 2004 (pdf)  Would you like to read this before you have to sign it at Ferbruary 17 registration?  (Yes, it's mandatory)
Route book sample from 1998 (pdf).  Route instructions include a mileage at most instructions but no "Alpine" intersection diagrams.  The route book will run about 30 pages, with each day 3 to 5 pages. Each team will receive three copies on 8 1/2 x 11 paper (3-hole punched with a staple in the corner), plus a 3-ring binder with a copy of 2004 regulations and related information.
Team Information and preferences (or pdf).  A questionaire to help serve your needs!  Please e-mail or fax (425-823-6307) to us...
And related reading we'd like to offer!
Frequently Asked Questions
How to Stay Alive on a Winter Rally, by John Fouse 
More advice from John Fouse
Jim Elder's 2000 Alcan journal
Alcan poetry by Adrian Crane 
In memoriam